Monday, 12 October 2009

oh and to prove to mel that the tattoo shall be forthcoming

i started drawing swallows today. btw if you google the word 'swallow' you get more than you bargained for ...

drawing people so the look like the people you are trying to draw is really really hard

my attempts at janeane garafolo, for inclusion in the next issue of girls who fight (hopefully out by the end of this month) ...

Saturday, 3 October 2009

IN AGREEMENT - YEAH!! MEP has a logo

and soon it shall have a website too which will look something like the image below ...

Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Blood, Sweat but thankfully no tears. Don't worry i didn't get these things actually on the book. Available from your favourite unfortunately acronymed publishing company now for £7 + postage (or collection/hand delivery next time i see you), contact me if you want one!!! we have not mastered any sort of ordering system or calculated any postage.

See whats in it on Toms blog.

Features red lino printed sleeve and cover, plus all hand sewn and cut by these fair hands.

oh oh look at how pretty it is ...

disclaimer: these crappy images were taken with my phone, hopefully a professional will be improving on them asap.

ahhh quick quick post before we run out of september!!

one week two posts WTF!!

it became ever so unbelievable clear that we needed a company identity when we turned up to publish and be damned last weekend with nothing that explained who we are whatsoever. we laid our lovely zines out and our table looked aces but i bet you not one person knew what we were called. i wrote it in pink pen on a scrap of paper i stole from the lobby of oxford house but that just looked shit, and aesthetic shitness is not something i am at all at ease with. as you will know if you have ever met me.

i always knew the concept of branding might cause slightly issues between myself and a certain member of Monster Emporium Press and as we get further embroiled in this issue it becomes more and more apparent than previously that design by consensus is a frickin bad idea. but we shall persevere and eventually there will be a logo and there will be business cards and there will be a beautiful beautiful website. i have been working on designs, here is a selection of ideas in the making:

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Birthday Octopus!!!

This was originally drawn for the 1 year anniversary of WTCDTD doing monthly nights at Escape bar, sadly this event never occurred due to unforeseen planning issues. The drawing lay half finished on my desk for many months until i decided it needed to be finished and so it is.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

This is well old but was never finished ...

until today

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Merton Hall and The Pictures Zine and Humongous September

So i have finally finished my parents website. Whoop whoop!!! It has pictures and everything. Go stay with these lovely people. I may be a little bit biased but i think they're ace :).

In other news Monster Emporium Press has acquired a new publication, this addition is The Pictures Zine - Issue 2 produced in association with the monthly film night of the same name (minus the zine bit) and by the illustrious Garry Sykes. I personally recently nearly caused my hands to fall off by hand trimming 40 copies for the launch night of said zine at Bardens Boudoir. You can see more of Garry at Graven Images.

Girls Who Fight 2 is also in the works (you can see the first issue here) and should hopefully be ready for Publish and Be Damned 2009 on the 27th September as should a book collecting the works of one Tom Moore some of which can be seen on his blog. Phew! and also a selection of greetings cards, stickers and posters produced by my own fair hands (well maybe the hands of some printers also). September is gonna be a big one.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Something i've been working on for toms mum

i've been well lax and this has taken me ages but it is finally



the brief i was given for this was quite simply, tap dancing flamingo with the words 'fabulous creature' on it somewhere.

now, i was being rather indecisive about the arrangement of the dancers (tho not til i had almost finished it) this one ....

is the original arrangement. this one ...

is another possibility, the tail bit of the main bird was making me unhappy about the way the left side was working compositionally, now this might point to me being rather a perfectionist (who knows). which one do you prefer??

in the end it is really up to mandy which will be the final one but i'd like other opinions on them nonetheless.

soon there will be greetings cards, stickers and (fingers crossed) temporary tattoos available of my stuff. in the meantime, me and michael will be selling our wares under the new guise of monster emporium press at collaborama in london bridge this weekend. keep us in mind for all your publishing needs!

Opps i forgot to post this

poor poor neglected blog, i missed you ... did you miss me???
attitude flyer for glastonbury

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sail/Swordfish or is it a Marlin and Sword-Bill Hummingbird

are they in love or are they fighting, no one will ever know.

come to escape tomorrow biatches maybe i will tell you

Friday, 24 April 2009

And eight hours solid eye destroying later ...

Here it is finished and coloured, please come along its gonna be great.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Almost a month between posts ...

In this time i have discovered that 4OD is now available on macs and it is destroying my life. Need to get out in that there sunshine. I have also built my parents a website which is temporarily online here, (until i finish it) it is for their lovely b and b in south west wales. Why not pay them a visit ... its ace. Also i just finished a drawing for the next escape which is next week, arghh my goddamn slackness, i shall colour it tomorrow and it will be printed and splashed all over herne hill by saturday. oh bye gum it will. watch this space for more info, or rather maybe this space. There are more projects in the mix and soon i shall be pursuing that freelance career like a mo fo. Also They Did 3 is now finished and ace and what not, we shall be selling it from our very own stall at the London Zine Symposium, please come say hi, its at the rag factory just off brick lane on the 3rd of May, we'll be there all day.

A drawing for you:

k out

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

4/4 - more tired than relieved

not so sure about this on ... may edit it slightly tomorrow

Monday, 23 March 2009

Sunday, 22 March 2009

2/4 - there is no relief

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Monday, 16 March 2009

Attitude, WTCDTD - THEY DID, zine making & comic procrastination

So tho it may not seem like it judging by my extreme lack of posting i have been uber busy, firstly i have been working on the design for the flyer for the next attitude is everything club night. pretty pleased with how it turned out. Come along it will be ace!

Also the new zine is coming along well, after a 6 month delay it is almost there, i posted the front cover for it a while back this has changed slightly and the content is look awesome, will post a link to the pdf when its up and if you want to buy a copy why not come along to the next escape night curated by the editors and a celebratory launch of said publication. Here is a flyer for your perusal. As ever free and fabulous come along and find out for yourself, its next thursday.

The next WTCDTD flyer is gonna feature a crazy phoenix like bird breathing fire (instead of being made of fire). Been doodling alot of birds in my 'spare time' la la la (see below).

What else, well there was the WTCDTD freakeasy at Shunt vaults at which i badgered my face up for to finally make use of the amazing badger hat that mimi gave me, this was literally the best night ever. Shunt is fantastic, shame it has the most gigantic queue known to man every weekend.

Also working on a website for my parents new b&b in Wales, and i'm gonna go visit them after escape when all the 'they did' work is done

A selection of birds ...

As far as the comic poem which is going to be in the zine, please refer to title of this post. I am having serious issues starting this, must sort out the zine layout first and then i have absolutely no excuses.

Monday, 16 February 2009

me on whoop whoop. for some reason they rejected a bunch of stuff i sent them a while ago, hence all the other posters i have on here are rather out of date, something which i shall remedy post haste. i should point out that it is not really a huge achievement to get on this website, but its still quite cool seeing my stuff on the front page of a site that i really like.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


I really really really thought i was gonna hate this flyer, turns out i quite like it. come along everyone! next thursday, t'will be ace as always

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Progress Report ...

time for bed

Monday, 9 February 2009

Flyer by Friday oh yeah!

i am the speed flyer creator, mwhahahahaha

he looks a bit less mean than originally intended, does the medusa thing actually work? maybe not but that caterpillar is the best thing in the world.

First Capital Connect

so i've been talking about this drawing for a while.

first capital connect/southwest trains today helped me to break my creative block, who would have thought not reading a book and taking a pencil with me on my way to work was really all i needed to do. really need to find a way to stop this happening all the time ... i think maybe i might be a bit naive in thinking that trains are the solution.

right anyway now i shall turn these into a flyer for What They Could Do, They Did: a+b=c a collaboration with the Beatabet collective, here i go ...

Monday, 19 January 2009

What they could doodle ....

.. whilst at work (have been thinking about making a doodle project for ages, maybe i will do it ... everyone doodles, right?). Been trying to work on different ways of drawing eyes; reporters notebooks do not make ideal sketchbooks.

I went to the V&A on Saturday, therefore i am currently thinking about Samurai Warriors, Chinese and Hindu mythology and for some reason Medusa, it think the latter is related to watching the film Teeth the other week and nothing to do with the V&A, this film is amazing but disturbing in many many ways, the bit with the dog actually made me feel a bit sick. You should still watch it. There is the potential for a Medusa related drawing at some point in the coming weeks, tho it will probably combine some sort of chinese lion or dragon also.