Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Something i've been working on for toms mum

i've been well lax and this has taken me ages but it is finally



the brief i was given for this was quite simply, tap dancing flamingo with the words 'fabulous creature' on it somewhere.

now, i was being rather indecisive about the arrangement of the dancers (tho not til i had almost finished it) this one ....

is the original arrangement. this one ...

is another possibility, the tail bit of the main bird was making me unhappy about the way the left side was working compositionally, now this might point to me being rather a perfectionist (who knows). which one do you prefer??

in the end it is really up to mandy which will be the final one but i'd like other opinions on them nonetheless.

soon there will be greetings cards, stickers and (fingers crossed) temporary tattoos available of my stuff. in the meantime, me and michael will be selling our wares under the new guise of monster emporium press at collaborama in london bridge this weekend. keep us in mind for all your publishing needs!

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