Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Coming Soon to a shop near you ...

if you live in Crystal Palace or Brixton, also if you live inside the internet, lucky you if you do, I imagine your life to be like that of Lawnmower Man but less 90's.

Anyway ... Christmas Cards!!!!!!!

... and not so Christmas cards.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Exhibition @ Ritzy Cinema, Brixton // Oct 2012

In the beautifully refurbished upstairs bar at the illustrious Ritzy Cinema in Brixton you will currently find a selection of my prints all looking rather splendid (if i do say so myself). They will be there for another couple of weeks, please do go have a peek if you're in the area. I shall hopefully be showing a similar selection at the South East London Zine Fair on the 11th November in New Cross. Below you can see more clearly which ones are up.

Prices:  A3 = Framed £50, Unframed £30    A4 = Framed £40, Unframed £20
(They will be printed on 310 gsm alpha-cellulose, acid-free pure white museum grade paper)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Just Keep Swimming ...

Not sure how appropriate it is to reference 'Finding Nemo' in this context, whatever I do will probably come across as rather cheesy. This illustration was a 30th birthday present for my older brother. He's had it pretty tough the past few years but he is rather inspiring, if at times a total pain in the arse. I thought he might like a visual reminder to never give in. At times I think I need one too, should probably do myself a print of this one.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Foulest of the Fowl (perhaps) // Wild Turkey

This is the last of these birds, it may not be the last time I draw one, but it definitely sees the completion of the zine. "Foul Fowl" will be available as an A6 fold out publication, featuring everyone's favourite, the Andean Condor as an A3 poster on the fold out reverse. Pretty exciting I'm sure.

Let me introduce the Wild Turkey. He's well lumpy.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Take that Mosquitos!

Chameleons are ace, not just because of their Predator like colour changing skills but also cos of that really weird way they walk and how their eyes can turn all the way around, creepy/pretty.

In this heat wave I have been bitten about 15 times so far and I have a gross allergic reaction to it. If only I had a bunch of pet lizard to protect me from them. D'ya think cats and chameleons get on well?? Seems unlikely but I can live in hope.

Foul Fowl // Muscovy Duck

Not that foul really, tho what is up with that lumpy red face? Why are so many birds so bloody lumpy? Tho obvs as proven by Lumpy Space Princess this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Drawn on the piece of card my new dress was delivered wrapped, around thanks to ASOS for providing me with free art supplies :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Lizards are the new birds ...

Went a bit lizard crazy last week but forgot to post all of them. The colours of these guys in real life are amazing and the Mwanza flat-headed Rock Agama really does have very similar colouring to Spiderman.

Top: Leopard Gecko, Bottom: Mwanza flat-headed Rock Agama Lizard

Potentially the coolest lizard ever ...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Gecko ecko echo echo!!!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Andean Condor // Foul Fowl

Three posts in one day, what can I say ... it's been a busy day.

All these birds (well only the ugly ones) are for a zine but I am kinda tempted to keep it up and do the whole alphabet in Foul Fowl and then make me/you some posters of them. Also on the 'cards' a set of bird playing cards *ahem* perhaps.

However, for now, another Condor for your perusal.

More Watercolour Birds

Marabou Stork // Foul Fowl

Monday, 14 May 2012

A strong contender for the title "Foulest of the Foul" // The Californian Condor

Birds that resemble ball sacks may not be the first thing you think of when you hear the word California ... this is something that I hope to change. 

Let me introduce you to the fourth member of the "Foul Fowl" crew the Californian Condor, please make him/her/it feel welcome!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nose to Tail // Blanch and Shock

My dear friends Blanch and Shock Food Design are preparing a meal to be served this evening at The Russet made almost entirely out of this massive boar head for nose to tail fortnight ...

Photo courtesy and copyright of B&S Food Design

I thought it would be fun to draw them a boar on this theme, for them to use in any publicity manner they wish, or just to look at and chuckle.

So here he/she is. Kinda cute, kinda evil. Something about this reminds me of Lord of the Flies.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Continuing with the Spring, Trees and Watercolor theme ... I've always loved drawing trees. This must being from the countryside thing.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Wallpaper // Feathers, Petals & Leaves

I made this as the background for a message board that myself and the other members of What They Could Do, They Did use to talk shop and generally guff about. Thought I should share it with you. If you set it as your computer desktop and tile it you too can have trouble seeing your files and folders! Happy Spring!

April Showers (trying to ignore all the rain and just see the blossom)

So in classic English weather style, it has been miserably wet, windy and cloudy for the latter half of April. We are now in May and it's still going (the sun made an appearance yesterday, it was epic but over all too soon). However attempting to remain positive I have been enjoying the fact that all this wind has caused the blossom to fall and cover the pavements in a carpet of petals. It looks pretty amazing. Here is a drawing I did and photos I took in tribute to one of my favourite times of year.

Oh & F U Rain! If you could just go away now please, that'd be great.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

We Are The Future // EEA // Flyer and Publication Design

A couple of months ago, the amazing people over at Emergency Exit Arts got me involved in We Art The Future, a research, performance and journalism project, aiming to engage young people, from schools in the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark, about the history of activism and protest within their local communities.

I brought my design skills along to two days of a week long youth journalism workshop, the end result of which was to be a publication featuring the information and views discovered/discussed throughout the week. As well as researching we encouraged the young people to investigate design ideas and aesthetics and get to grips with the complicated process of producing, laying out and designing a magazine. We the EEA team then had the task of taking this information and pulling it together into a publication. The end result is being launched at the event on Saturday off the back of a day of live debate, presentations, performances and workshops. Pretty proud of how it all turned out. Will put up a pdf once I have the final version.

Credits to Darryl Daley (my co designer on the publication), the EEA team and all the young people involved.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Foul Fowl // Abyssinian Ground Hornbill

Another addition to the Foul Fowl collection, tho really this one ain't that ugly, but I may be losing my judgement concerning such things. Birds are ace and there are so friggin many of them!

Art! vs Science!

Cd artwork for a birthday present. I am obviously biased but Art would clearly win in this showdown.

Monday, 2 April 2012

AOI Serco Illustration Competition // FINISHED!

So I have finally finished it and entered, a few changes typography tweaked a bit and image flipped to fit better with text, plus I've tfl-ed it up. Perhaps not enough but hey I tried. Wish me luck! The competition is going to be pretty tough.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Foul Fowl

I am rather pleased with myself for that name, albeit pretty obvious it took a while for it to occur to me. Obviously having issues with the title Ugly Birds and the connotations therein I was looking for something better and behold. Genius. Check out the King Vulture, he/she (both genders look like this) be one fugly – and at the same time sort beautiful – mo fo.

I need a wider selection of paints, and to apply them thicker. Decision of the day. Night night xx

The Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace Park // AOI Secret London Competition (WIP)

This is a part of a work in progress for the Serco/AoI Secret London competition. I just need to somehow incorporate something to do with TFL in there somewhere hmmmm. Many ideas I have but none strike me as the one. It will come. There is time. If you have never visited the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace you really should cos they are pretty awesome, just round the corner from CP station which is these days the end of the London Overground. Built in 1852 by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins they are the first examples of dinosaur sculptures in the world (literally just learnt that, thanks wikipedia) and pre date Darwins origin of the species. Read more about them here.