Monday, 19 January 2009

What they could doodle ....

.. whilst at work (have been thinking about making a doodle project for ages, maybe i will do it ... everyone doodles, right?). Been trying to work on different ways of drawing eyes; reporters notebooks do not make ideal sketchbooks.

I went to the V&A on Saturday, therefore i am currently thinking about Samurai Warriors, Chinese and Hindu mythology and for some reason Medusa, it think the latter is related to watching the film Teeth the other week and nothing to do with the V&A, this film is amazing but disturbing in many many ways, the bit with the dog actually made me feel a bit sick. You should still watch it. There is the potential for a Medusa related drawing at some point in the coming weeks, tho it will probably combine some sort of chinese lion or dragon also.

Thursday, 15 January 2009


Yeah!! And the flyers are gonna be printed in colour too (not just the posters) whoop whoop!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Getting There ..

Hopefully should be able to finish this tomorrow if Graham sorts out the rest of the copy and finds out what the other bands are gonna be called .... Hell Yeah!
p.s. the colours look way better in CMYK as they were intended to be, damn that light spectrum it is always my downfall

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Now what colours shall it be hmmmmm......

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Think i might know what i'm gonna do for this flyer, had somewhat of a revelation. Just a sketch but i think it could be good, tomorrow i shall draw it properly.
Crazy monkey drum tongue thing i shall call it. Mwahahahaha.

A New Flyer for WTCDTD Escape is required ...

I'm trying to think of ideas, this is one of several test, the others largely involved enormous tongues wrapped around beasts, they came out rather weird tho. Most of these have been scribbled on lined reporters notepads at my desk at work. Something may come of this, it may not, whatever happens it must happen soon.The next night WHAT THEY COULD DO THEY DID : UNDER THE COVERS happens on the 22nd of Jan at Escape Bar and Art in Herne Hill and is being curated by Mr Graham Griffiths, it will feature some fabulous acts all providing us with fabulous covers of some unexpected songs.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Front Cover for They Did 3 - Nearly FInished

************************ UPDATE ************************

Finished all the colouring on the drawing so now just gotta sort out that darn back quote.

BTW this is a folded A4 front cover so only the right half of the image is techinically the front cover, the left half is the back.

Meat and Plastic in the Lost Hour

Mr Shubhashish Golder was kind enough to many months ago compose a poem for me to turn into a comic, this is a task which i have for one reason or another postponed for along time, now I shall commence. Here is the poem plus some preliminary drawings

“Meat and Plastic in the Lost Hour”

A plastic hand to the right wrist,
The meat one buried by a fox,
Chewed fingers and a nibbled fist.

One special night, when the moon is bright and the sky is foggy
The clock ticks on the lost hour and
Both horrible hands come alive feeling drunk and groggy!

The meat hand wriggled out deep beneath the apple tree,
The plastic hand climbed from a bedside box,
Now both the hands were alive and free!

Into the house, up the stairs to his master's bedside
The meat hand returned, and would no longer be alone,
As he had found the plastic hand to be his bride!

Both hands rejoiced in each others palms
Together, they could travel here and afar
With very little matter that they had no arms!

Without eyes, tears could not be wept
Without a mouth words could not be spoken
Together they departed as their master slept.

The Meat hand lead his bride, now out of the grave
To the bathroom, down the stairs and led her to a razor
And with the foam she'd use to give him a shave

The stubble annoyed as he lay in a ditch
The blades trimmed the hair close to the skin and
Finally his Palm and fingers would no longer itch!

The turn of the Plastic hand had now come
And to the bedroom dresser, led the Meat
Towards a bottle of polish to paint her thumb

The meat hand painted each fingers' nail
And used the hair dryer to ensure they
Were smooth and shiny without fail.

The unwelcome clock chimed the passing of the hour,
The meat hand would return to his grave,
Without the Plastic hand, his precious little flower

The Meat and the Plastic hands were no longer near,
Sadly, the Plastic hand returned to her wooden box,
To await the Lost Hour, the following year.