Monday, 19 May 2014

Drunken Butterflies // Animation

Earlier this year the illustrious Garry Sykes released his first feature film. It's called Drunken Butterflies and is about a group of young girls in Newcastle and the trials and tribulations of everyday life. The imdb sums it up better than I:

Newcastle Upon Tyne, the Twenty-Teens. A romantic, violent, life-changing day in the life of eight teenagers.

It's a brilliant film funny, charming & rather upsetting. If you get a chance to see it I highly recommend it. My contribution to the film was a small piece of animation, a little 'trick' you might say. As a result of this I now have an imdb credit. Oh yeah, I am an animation department, dontchaknow!

TTIP & TTP // New Internationalist // May 2014 Issue

This months print issue of New Internationalist Magazine features another double page illustrated by yours truly, you can buy a copy here or read the article online

I was completely unaware this trade agreement was happening until I was commissioned to produce this illustration, if you are interested you can find more info about TTIP here.

Or if - like me – you like things to be explained in comic form ...

Also what the Green Party have to say on the matter and why you should clearly be voting for them on Thursday! 

"... it would blow apart the power of our democratic decision making. The deal provides corporations with new rights to sue the Government for legislating in the public interest – that’s definitely not acting for the common good. "