Monday, 12 March 2012

Foul Fowl

I am rather pleased with myself for that name, albeit pretty obvious it took a while for it to occur to me. Obviously having issues with the title Ugly Birds and the connotations therein I was looking for something better and behold. Genius. Check out the King Vulture, he/she (both genders look like this) be one fugly – and at the same time sort beautiful – mo fo.

I need a wider selection of paints, and to apply them thicker. Decision of the day. Night night xx

The Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace Park // AOI Secret London Competition (WIP)

This is a part of a work in progress for the Serco/AoI Secret London competition. I just need to somehow incorporate something to do with TFL in there somewhere hmmmm. Many ideas I have but none strike me as the one. It will come. There is time. If you have never visited the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace you really should cos they are pretty awesome, just round the corner from CP station which is these days the end of the London Overground. Built in 1852 by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins they are the first examples of dinosaur sculptures in the world (literally just learnt that, thanks wikipedia) and pre date Darwins origin of the species. Read more about them here.

Guinea Fowl

This weekend I ate some Guinea Fowl for the first time ever. I realised I didn't actually have a clue what one looked like, so I googled it and tis a strange beast. There was one image in particular of one pulling a rather amusingly evil face. So I decided to draw it. This has led me to a whole world of ugly birds, some of them are so so grotesque it's sort of amazing. I think this might become a theme/zine.

Also check out the experimenting with watercolours, branching out, oh yeah!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Birthday Commission

This drawing was commissioned by a friend for a friend. There is a story behind it that I am not entirely sure of but I think her Grandma used to have a framed picture of a beach through a window on her wall when she was little and she always thought that it was the real beach in the picture. I am currently working on something for my brothers 30th (which was back in June 2011, whoops) the idea of giving people my drawings as presents is rather daunting. There is no real way of knowing whether they actually like them. I hope they do.