Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Blood, Sweat but thankfully no tears. Don't worry i didn't get these things actually on the book. Available from your favourite unfortunately acronymed publishing company now for £7 + postage (or collection/hand delivery next time i see you), contact me if you want one!!! we have not mastered any sort of ordering system or calculated any postage.

See whats in it on Toms blog.

Features red lino printed sleeve and cover, plus all hand sewn and cut by these fair hands.

oh oh look at how pretty it is ...

disclaimer: these crappy images were taken with my phone, hopefully a professional will be improving on them asap.

ahhh quick quick post before we run out of september!!

one week two posts WTF!!

it became ever so unbelievable clear that we needed a company identity when we turned up to publish and be damned last weekend with nothing that explained who we are whatsoever. we laid our lovely zines out and our table looked aces but i bet you not one person knew what we were called. i wrote it in pink pen on a scrap of paper i stole from the lobby of oxford house but that just looked shit, and aesthetic shitness is not something i am at all at ease with. as you will know if you have ever met me.

i always knew the concept of branding might cause slightly issues between myself and a certain member of Monster Emporium Press and as we get further embroiled in this issue it becomes more and more apparent than previously that design by consensus is a frickin bad idea. but we shall persevere and eventually there will be a logo and there will be business cards and there will be a beautiful beautiful website. i have been working on designs, here is a selection of ideas in the making:

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Birthday Octopus!!!

This was originally drawn for the 1 year anniversary of WTCDTD doing monthly nights at Escape bar, sadly this event never occurred due to unforeseen planning issues. The drawing lay half finished on my desk for many months until i decided it needed to be finished and so it is.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

This is well old but was never finished ...

until today

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Merton Hall and The Pictures Zine and Humongous September

So i have finally finished my parents website. Whoop whoop!!! It has pictures and everything. Go stay with these lovely people. I may be a little bit biased but i think they're ace :).

In other news Monster Emporium Press has acquired a new publication, this addition is The Pictures Zine - Issue 2 produced in association with the monthly film night of the same name (minus the zine bit) and by the illustrious Garry Sykes. I personally recently nearly caused my hands to fall off by hand trimming 40 copies for the launch night of said zine at Bardens Boudoir. You can see more of Garry at Graven Images.

Girls Who Fight 2 is also in the works (you can see the first issue here) and should hopefully be ready for Publish and Be Damned 2009 on the 27th September as should a book collecting the works of one Tom Moore some of which can be seen on his blog. Phew! and also a selection of greetings cards, stickers and posters produced by my own fair hands (well maybe the hands of some printers also). September is gonna be a big one.