Wednesday, 30 September 2009

ahhh quick quick post before we run out of september!!

one week two posts WTF!!

it became ever so unbelievable clear that we needed a company identity when we turned up to publish and be damned last weekend with nothing that explained who we are whatsoever. we laid our lovely zines out and our table looked aces but i bet you not one person knew what we were called. i wrote it in pink pen on a scrap of paper i stole from the lobby of oxford house but that just looked shit, and aesthetic shitness is not something i am at all at ease with. as you will know if you have ever met me.

i always knew the concept of branding might cause slightly issues between myself and a certain member of Monster Emporium Press and as we get further embroiled in this issue it becomes more and more apparent than previously that design by consensus is a frickin bad idea. but we shall persevere and eventually there will be a logo and there will be business cards and there will be a beautiful beautiful website. i have been working on designs, here is a selection of ideas in the making:

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