Tuesday, 22 September 2015

NEW! 'Metal Horns' Attitude is Everything T-Shirt Design

NEW Attitude is Everything T-Shirt designed by me, now available to buy online. Why not get one today! Not only will you look cool but you will be supporting an awesome charity which celebrated 15 years of improving deaf and disabled people access to live music.

You can even get it as a mug or a hoodie! Totally getting a mug, my coffee is gonna look so cool.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Gift by Justine Crow // Transmitter Magazine – Christmas Edition 2014

So back in November 2014 (which seems like a very long time ago now!) I created these illustrations to accompany a short story by Justine Crow for Transmitter Magazine, a local magazine created just up the hill in Crystal Palace about all things Crystal Palacey. The story features mysterious presents, a monkey friend and a dark spirit. You can read it in the digital version of it in the magazine below (full screen the magazine and skip to page 58).

Twas a brilliant little project, turns out drawing monkeys is fun! Which is of course obvious and I have no idea why I hadn't realised it before. This dancing little fellow was a pleasure to create indeed.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Folio Society & House of Illustration Competition 2015 // The Folio Collection of Ghost Stories

So I started the year as I have for the past few years, head down and focussed on finishing my drawings for the Folio Society and House of Illustration Book Illustration Competition. Though this year I only heard about the competition a few days before Christmas so it was a seriously mad dash to the finish line. 

Four drawings from conception to completion in two weeks. The last image was completed in 8 hours, setting a new personal best for speed of full page illustration creation! They are based on so a series of creepy old ghost stories, lots of spooky unseen beasts lurk in the depths, mwahahahaha. The three stories and a summary of the book can be read here.

I hope you like my drawings and keep those fingers crossed for me!

The Folio Collection of Ghost Stories – Binding Design

A Tale of an Empty House - E. F. Benson

The Upper Berth - F. Marion Crawford

The Treasure of Abbot Thomas - M. R. James