Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Folio Society & House of Illustration Competition 2015 // The Folio Collection of Ghost Stories

So I started the year as I have for the past few years, head down and focussed on finishing my drawings for the Folio Society and House of Illustration Book Illustration Competition. Though this year I only heard about the competition a few days before Christmas so it was a seriously mad dash to the finish line. 

Four drawings from conception to completion in two weeks. The last image was completed in 8 hours, setting a new personal best for speed of full page illustration creation! They are based on so a series of creepy old ghost stories, lots of spooky unseen beasts lurk in the depths, mwahahahaha. The three stories and a summary of the book can be read here.

I hope you like my drawings and keep those fingers crossed for me!

The Folio Collection of Ghost Stories – Binding Design

A Tale of an Empty House - E. F. Benson

The Upper Berth - F. Marion Crawford

The Treasure of Abbot Thomas - M. R. James

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