Monday, 16 March 2009

Attitude, WTCDTD - THEY DID, zine making & comic procrastination

So tho it may not seem like it judging by my extreme lack of posting i have been uber busy, firstly i have been working on the design for the flyer for the next attitude is everything club night. pretty pleased with how it turned out. Come along it will be ace!

Also the new zine is coming along well, after a 6 month delay it is almost there, i posted the front cover for it a while back this has changed slightly and the content is look awesome, will post a link to the pdf when its up and if you want to buy a copy why not come along to the next escape night curated by the editors and a celebratory launch of said publication. Here is a flyer for your perusal. As ever free and fabulous come along and find out for yourself, its next thursday.

The next WTCDTD flyer is gonna feature a crazy phoenix like bird breathing fire (instead of being made of fire). Been doodling alot of birds in my 'spare time' la la la (see below).

What else, well there was the WTCDTD freakeasy at Shunt vaults at which i badgered my face up for to finally make use of the amazing badger hat that mimi gave me, this was literally the best night ever. Shunt is fantastic, shame it has the most gigantic queue known to man every weekend.

Also working on a website for my parents new b&b in Wales, and i'm gonna go visit them after escape when all the 'they did' work is done

A selection of birds ...

As far as the comic poem which is going to be in the zine, please refer to title of this post. I am having serious issues starting this, must sort out the zine layout first and then i have absolutely no excuses.

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