Thursday, 23 April 2009

Almost a month between posts ...

In this time i have discovered that 4OD is now available on macs and it is destroying my life. Need to get out in that there sunshine. I have also built my parents a website which is temporarily online here, (until i finish it) it is for their lovely b and b in south west wales. Why not pay them a visit ... its ace. Also i just finished a drawing for the next escape which is next week, arghh my goddamn slackness, i shall colour it tomorrow and it will be printed and splashed all over herne hill by saturday. oh bye gum it will. watch this space for more info, or rather maybe this space. There are more projects in the mix and soon i shall be pursuing that freelance career like a mo fo. Also They Did 3 is now finished and ace and what not, we shall be selling it from our very own stall at the London Zine Symposium, please come say hi, its at the rag factory just off brick lane on the 3rd of May, we'll be there all day.

A drawing for you:

k out

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