Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter // House of Illustration & Folio Society Competition

It's that time of year again when the lovely folks over at The House of Illustration (champions of fine illustration) & the Folio Society (purveyors of fine books) run a competition to illustrate a new title. This year the chosen book was Angela Carters, The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories. A selection of short stories based upon classic fairytales but more 'grown up' versions basically more blood, violence and sex. This presented an awesome topic to illustrate, after much procrastination I finally finished my entries today and *drum roll* here they are. Wish me luck!!



You never saw a wild thing as my mother, her hat seized by the winds and blown out to sea so that her hair was her white mane, her black lisle legs exposed to the thigh, her skirts tucked round her waist, one hand on the reins of the rearing horse while the other clasped my fathers service revolver and, behind her the breakers of the savage, indifferent sea, like the witnesses of a furious justice.


A-hunting we shall go! Loyal to the last I play catch as catch can with Tab's dead rats, giving the dying coup de grace and baying with resonant vigour to drown the extravagant screeches that break forth from that (who would have suspected?) more passionate woman as she comes off in fine style. (Full marks, Master.)


What big arms you have.
All the better to hug you with.
Every wolf howled a prothalamion outside the window as she freely gave the kiss she owed him.
What big teeth you have.


  1. they are brilliant, Kathryn! I love the over a lot, too and the cats! good luck! x

  2. Yes they are scary but also wierdly nice to look at. Do you wall paper?

  3. I LOVE these, puss in boots especially. Can I buy a print of it? I want more feral cats in my life.

  4. Feral cats are the best. Tho I imagine in real life they might do such things as scratch your eyes out or give you tetanus (ha that has the word anus in it and i never realised before). I don't have prints available at present. I could make it available here http://society6.com/KathrynCorlett for you to order one or I could just email you the hi res file and you could order one yourself from somewhere and perhaps buy me a drink next time I see you or exchange it for some of your fabulous literature ... (not great at this business thing am I) :) x

  5. Hey! I never saw this (how do you find out when people respond to your comments not on your own blog, hmmm?). But yes! I want one. Whatever is the best way for you. Put it on that site (laptop covers?! wow!). Or if you would rather do trades, I will soon be having a book out from these people -- http://www.dancinggirlpress.com/index2.html -- mail me a hi res and I'll give you a book when it happens.