Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Colorado State Lottery (banner adverts)

Before Christmas I did some work for Cactus advertising agency on their new campaign for the Colorado State Lottery for the Powerball draw. The slogan of which being "Huge is better than big". These drawing are now animated and I would assume being displayed to the people of Colorado as they browse the internet. I will link the animations when I can, however in brief the action of the three ads is: 

Smaller (bit still pretty large) sumo wrestler walks into wrestling ring dances about a bit and then a huge belly comes alongs and boshes him out of the ring. BIFF!

The setting is a monster truck arena, the lights flash, a car drives in and a monster truck falls down from the left on top of it crushing it, the from the right an even larger monster truck falls down on top of that monster truck crushing it. BAM!

Underwater setting with bubbles and rays of light beaming through the water a little fish swims along and floats in the middle of the frame. Suddenly from the right a larger fish comes along and gobbles its up. Then from the left a whale comes along and eats the larger fish, but then from the right a larger whale come and noshes down on the lot. Bit like the was an old lady who swallowed a spider, kinda. BOOM!

I'm most pleased with my whale. He's a happy and ever so slightly evil little chap.

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