Monday, 24 October 2011

The Miserable Rich & Lush Perfume // Amelia's Magazine

I have done a couple of illustrations recently for articles on Amelia's Magazine.

The first one was for an article and interview with the band The Miserable Rich and the release of their new single "On a Certain Night" the video featured a creepy house and ghostly figures plus tarot cards. You can read the interview here.

The second illustration was to accompany an article about a new Lush perfume that is made up of three layers of scent inspired by stories of freedom from around the world and constructed by Simon Constantine. I was asked to illustrate the layer of scent entitles Old Delhi Station about his trip to Tibet to meet a monk, you can read all about it here. Due to my extreme over sensitivity to smell I can't walk past a Lush shop without feeling a bit sick and entering one is bluerghh tastic (sorry Lush I know you make lovely things tis just all a bit overpowering when experienced together).

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