Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Synesthesia Magazine Illustration // The Radiator has a Tummy Ache

I produced this illustration for the February 2014 edition of Synesthesia Magazine the theme of which was Nonsense. It is based on a nonsense poem which you can read below...

The Radiator Has a Tummy Ache by Carlotta Eden

I once prescribed tablets
to the old microwave, and
consoled the lemon squeezer,
I hadn't used in a decade.

I remember hearing the kettle
having an asthma attack, and
running to save it by pulling
its plug out, and that

was that. I suggested the radio
stick to one station, tried to fix
the funny noise
the radiator was making.

Now the nurse lends me a smile,
makes me warm in my bed
I shut my eyes tight,
see me pulling a blanket

over the hole in the shed.

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