Friday, 29 November 2013

The Transmitter Magazine Illustrations // Just Desserts by Justine Crow // A Christmas Ghost Story

Just up the road from me is Crystal Palace, former site of the rather stunning building of the same name – which perhaps someday soon shall rise again. It is also home to the a massive radio transmitter from which the local magazine The Transmitter derives it's name - also the reason several of my friends refer to it as Crystal Paris, the transmitter is somewhat reminiscent of a certain tower, in a certain French city. 

The Transmitter is a lovely little free local magazine exploring the many wonderous facets of South London and featuring reviews, short stories, comics and more. For their Winter Issue I was asked to illustrate a short story by local writer Justine Crow called Just Desserts, the black comedic tale of a food critic who pays the price for his sharp tongue. You can read the story with my illustrations in tow here (pg 26) or if you happen to be in Crystal Palace in the next few weeks they are available in many of the local independent shops for FREE but I recommend popping into Bookseller Crow as they will have lots in stock and it's a particularly nice place to hang out and peruse/buy books.

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