Wednesday, 3 February 2010

January started off bad with a sick ridden welcoming in of the new year and a whole new years day of pain, oh wine why do i keep hurting myself with you???

Other things that immediately made up for this and made January great are:

snow, glorious snow which resulted in me smiling uncontrollably at uncontrollable snow disruption, why this made me so happy i don't know, i guess its the act of accepting that there is nothing you can do about a situation (no annoyance just strange joy). falling over on bum, ice skating along pavements generally great.

still not smoking but not even thinking about it at all on many days, this is even better.

starting to run after work, pain but progress

walking through the park in the winter sun on the way to brixton (park was way better than brixton, busy, people money bah!). walking stanley through the snow with LC and making him chase after snowballs which then vanished in the snow and confused the hell out of him.

there has been alot of uncontrollable random smiling in the past couple of weeks, i can only attribute this to the reappearance of the sun and the fact that i am slowly slowly becoming not an unfit boozy smoky bastard. (still doing the boozy bit tho :) .. )

overtime pay from december came through, whoop whoop. saving account looking pretty aces.

the blight on all this joy is the fact that i drew absolutely nada in January, i made myself feel bad about this almost every day, but still, feeling cold and guilty i crawled into bed with several more episodes of 30 rock and drew nothing every night for several weeks. but no more oh no! no more. deadlines shall be set and work shall be finished and all round well being will exist.

These are doodles, the two on the right were drawn with a barclays free black biro proclaiming to be made out of recycled paper plates. the other is the first of hopefully many ventures into the world of drawing directly into my 'puter with my wacom tablet. not as easy as i had first anticipated but definitely getting better ...


  1. Not? Smoking?


  2. yeah did you not notice at the boat gig?? its been nearly three months. HELL YEAH!!!